We take pride in what we do. We are a reliable partner and create tailor-made solutions to meet various challenges with confidence. We have the know-how, we have a proven track record. Let’s work together – side by side.


Only those who immerse extensively into real estate investments can generate profits through strategically skilful investments. We develop strategies that suit us, our assets and our personal needs as well as our aspirations and goals.


We purchase a various range of properties with our own assets:  from small apartment buildings to large tenancies or residential complexes. We invest primarily in the following asset classes:


  • Apartment buildings
  • Residential properties
  • Land for residential development


We look back on years of experience. Investments are in good hands with us. We have been active in the field of real estate investment since the 90s and have been able to successfully position ourselves in this market. Real estate investments are more than just a matter of trust. Here you have to rely on  know-how, which we provide both in terms of technical as well as economic issues. This, together with our market experience forms a unique selling attribute.

We have a widely diversified and excellently positioned portfolio. This is a guarantee for sustainable earnings and offers financial security. Naturally, we invest tactfully and responsibly, and examine all projects thoroughly.


Especially in our industry, discretion and reliability are absolutely mandatory. We are aware of our responsibility and always act accordingly. We adhere strictly to data protection guidelines and warrant your personal anonymity.


Our approach, thorough planning, professional and experienced support, access to attractive investment opportunities and capable managers in addition to the careful monitoring of all asset components will guarantee an effective management, as well as protection and development of the assets.